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Cambridge Forums currently hosts more than 80 Forums worldwide in numerous areas of law, business and policy. Our Areas of Focus delineate these diverse offerings to identify, centralize and address important needs within each market.

Each forum is developed to meet the highly specialized needs of members. It is the members themselves who shape the Agenda and guide the experience to their advantage. This is how every forum, regardless of focus, becomes a completely fresh and invaluable experience for substantive learning.


These forums address the ways by which competition lawyers can advise their clients on antitrust regulatory compliance and resolution of government enforcement actions. They also address from both a plaintiff and defense perspective how these cases are litigated.

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Compliance & Corporate Governance

These forums focus on regulatory compliance across a range of industries. This allows for bench-marking of best practices and the exploration of issues that are common across multiple or individual sectors.

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Corporate Law & Finance

Our Corporate Law and Finance forums address a wide range of issues that are dealt with by the corporate law departments of major firms and their in-house counsel counterparts.

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Our Enforcement forums deal with the means by which breaches of laws or regulation are enforced by government authorities, including white-collar crime and the enforcement of judgements and awards and how attorneys protect their clients accused of such breaches.

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Private Investments

These forums bring together senior counsel from the world’s largest institutional investors – fund sponsors, along with pension and sovereign wealth funds – with a select group of elite-level private-practice lawyers, to forge invaluable connections that will foster collaboration and innovation in the private capital ecosystem.

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Land Use Planning & Infrastructure

These forums deal with the planning for, investment in and regulation of land use planning and infrastructure projects.

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The litigation forums address the contesting and resolution of disputes and claims in both individual and collective actions.

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Privacy & Data Protection

These forums focus on the issues surrounding privacy law compliance, protection of proprietary data and the legal exposure of data breaches caused by cybercrime.

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Private Client

Our Private Client series of forums address the ways in which advisers can assist their high net worth clients to protect their assets and realize their succession goals. These cover both the planning side and the resolution of estate disputes.

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We currently host more than 80 forums worldwide in numerous areas of law and business. Each forum is developed to meet the highly specialized needs of its members. It is the members themselves who shape the Agenda and guide the experience to their advantage. This is how every forum becomes a fresh and relevant experience for substantive learning.

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