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November 2020 Hosted Online


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Jessica Baker Ellis

Senior Forum Director


+1 437 996 7841


jbaker@cambridgeforums.comEmail Jessica


Thank you to our Sponsor


We are pleased to announce that Oxera will once again be sponsoring the European Forum on Competition Litigation.

About Oxera

For more than 35 years, companies, competition authorities, courts and legal professionals have relied on Oxera’s economic expert advice in commercial disputes, as well as in stand-alone and follow-on antitrust damages cases.


Oxera has long been an important influence in the development of European competition damages. In 2009, Oxera wrote an influential and widely cited study for the European Commission on quantifying damages. Today, they continue to provide Commission-sponsored training courses for European judges on antitrust matters, including quantifying damages from competition law infringements.


Oxera’s leading pan-European litigation practice serves clients from offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, London, Milan, Oxford, Paris and Rome with experts covering all areas of competition litigation.


Last year alone, Oxera advised claimants or defendants in over 70 commercial and antitrust damages cases across a wide range of jurisdictions. These included Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Italy, France, Hong Kong, USA and Canada. Notable cases included the first UK trial of cartel damages, the BritNed power cables case, the cathode ray tubes case in the Netherlands, and various car parts cases in Germany. Oxera is consistently ranked as the leading European based economics consultancy in antitrust litigation in the Global Competition Review (GCR) rankings, and has also won a number of GCR awards in recent years, including:

  • 2015 GCR ‘litigation of the year—cartel prosecution award’ for the National Grid’s GIS cartel claim
  • 2017 GCR ‘litigation of the year—non-cartel defence’ for interchange defence of MasterCard
  • 2020 GCR ‘economist of the year’ – Nicole Robins


Oxera’s follow-on damages practice is lead by Oxera Partners Robin Noble, Enno Eilts and Joseph Bell.


To find out more about Oxera’s experts and litigation practice, please click here.

For more information please contact: Robin Noble


+44 1865 253037

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